Jul 16, 2011

Paleo day 97

OK, the secret is out: this blog has not been written in real time!  I had so much I wanted to say, and so much I wanted to share, and I wanted to do it in order, so I decided to do just that, even if the posts followed the activity by more than a month.

But that is getting harder for me to do. I am finding there are things I want to talk about NOW, posts I need to write NOW, things I need to process NOW.

So today is the day I play catch up with the blog.

Today is day 97 of eating a Paleo/Primal diet. This is the longest - by a month -  I've ever stuck with eating in a way that is different from "normal" - different from the way a majority of people in America eat. I haven't been super strict, and I have eaten "off plan" from time to time. But I don't like the way it makes me feel, and it has not once been worth it for more than the instant I am eating the food that isn't good for my body. It's the noticing how my body reacts to food that has made it easy to keep eating this way.

I haven't quite reached the goals I had set for myself. For example, my waist is still above 35 inches, my waist/hip ratio above 0.85, and I can't seem to manage a work out more than once a week for a variety of reasons. But I've gotten rid of 20 pounds and dropped a couple of sizes. My energy is better, my libido about the same, and my temper still needs a LOT of work.

But this is still early days. And things can only get better as I continue to write my own path.


The numbers, day 90:
Weight: 159 pounds
Waist: 94 cm
Hips: 102 cm
W/H ratio: 0.92
BMI: 24.9 (in the "normal" range!)
Bodyfat: 25.9%

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  1. interesting stuff! i've never been much of a snacker, preferring 3-4 good meals.